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Whether you're looking for fine art, tableware, or a unique antique, you'll find it at Charlotte Elliott, the coolest antique shop in Hampden.

Book Store

In search of a new and exciting adventure? Find rare, first edition, and used books at And The Book Store Next Store, located right on our property.


Check out all the amazing items we have to offer when you view our gallery. From Chinese porcelain to vintage chess sets, you'll find it all.

Hours of Operation:
Sunday–Tuesday, 11 p.m.–5 p.m.
Wednesday–Saturday, 11 a.m.–6 p.m.

We are conveniently located to serve the
Baltimore-Washington Metro Area and New York City
Convenient to Bus & Light Rail • Free Parking on Sundays


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What our customers think of us:

This shop is a great destination if you're looking for something specific from a certain era, and it's also one of the best places to kill an hour of your time on 36th St.

I can't believe how much stuff they have in there - the place is definitely Bigger On The Inside. They have four levels of art and antiques, and they have everything, you name it - old books, world art (some of it pretty ancient), chess sets, china and silverware, jewelry, musical instruments, and amazing period clothing. (The old furs are crazy.) Browsing through this shop is like walking through a museum, except that stuff is all over the place and you're allowed to poke at it. It's like visiting my grandparent's house when I was a kid, times a thousand.

The staff are great. It's a family business - husband, wife, and daughter, I think? The daughter is an expert on old clothing and costuming. I went shopping there for a 'Great Gatsby' 1920's Baltimore themed party, and she told me exactly what I needed and showed me where everything was. The old man is well-educated, well-read, and very cool, and he will talk to you about everything for as long as you want.

Definitely one of my favorite places in Hampden. I always make sure to stop in here when I have out-of-town visitors, and my visitors are never disappointed.
— Yelp Review

I found my dream wedding dress at Charlotte Elliott! It fit me perfectly the first time I tried it on in your store.
— Shannon Wooldridge - Happy Customer

Awarded 'Best Portal to a previous era's wardrobe'
— City Paper, Best of Baltimore, 2010

Stop by our locally owned store in Baltimore, Maryland, or contact us to find out more details about our offerings.


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